Welcome to CrossCourt Stringing, a site not only dedicated to providing racquet stringing services but also the information to make you a better player. First off, I would like to give a background on who we are. My father, Wing, played high school tennis with friends and became a great player without the aid of coaching. My father is now retired but plays 5 times a week at The Burnaby Tennis Club. At age 3 I picked up my father's racquet and starting hitting a tennis ball against the door in the basement. I played competitive tennis throughout my teen years but an injury in my arm prevented me from carrying on. I am a Level II certified coach from Tennis Canada and a certified stringer from the United States Racquet Stringers Association.

    I'm doing an AUGUST SPECIAL with Gamma Live Wire XP 16. This string gives you great feel and plays closely to natural gut! Just $20.00 including installation and labour! Just say you want the "August Special" to me!!!

    Please E-mail us at for any questions or inquiries.